Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cool site and general update

I've come across an amazing site for those wanting to practice their problem solving. Users can post problems, and then others can post solutions in their style and language of choice. I've done a few in my spare time and I'm debating whether or not to post about them here. I'll at least give a spoiler alert if I do.

The big problems I've been putting actual work into lately have been file I/O for tinypy, MTP hooks for Songbird in Linux and OSX, and some bioinformatics stuff that involves building contigs out of very short sequences. If anyone is interested in working on either of the first two with me, I'd welcome the help. The third I'm getting paid for, so I suppose I should do it myself. I'll try to post about any interesting problems that come up involving those.

Don't be shocked if not too much shows up on here between now and the end of August. My qualifying exams are coming up, so I'm pretty buried in studying materials.

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HappyCodeMonkey said...

What kind of stuff would you need help on with tinypy and Songbird? I'm always looking for stuff to do, just talk to me online :)